More Enquiries, More Customers, More Jobs, Lower Bills

 How would you like to fill your order book to bursting ...

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Dear Business Owner,

    ... and slash your costs while you're at it?

 You may find that sounds too good to be true ...

But up and down the country 980 companies really have found a way to get more work and significantly slash their costs.

What’s more, they didn’t need a huge investment or some fancy marketing gimmick. You may even laugh when you hear how obvious it is and how little it costs.

But I bet you’ll agree it makes sense. Especially when you see how it is already working for businesses like yours

    Today I'd like to invite you to join those 980 companies…

It's no magic bullet - you need to put in some effort – but see what you think, then decide if you’d like to get the same benefits.

Swell your sales by 32%. Can it be this simple? 

This is so simple you may scoff in disbelief. But I assure you it works.

It works because it gives you one weapon that makes a huge difference to customers.

That weapon is called TRUST. 

You know it. I know it. Everyone in business knows it.

Given two identical offerings, customers choose the one they trust. They will even pay more for the one they trust. That’s why big brands command higher prices.

So how can you – quickly and easily – get customers to trust you? 

A six month study concluded: Using trusted, independent logos increases sales by 32%

And as a FairTrades member, you're entitled to use the trusted FairTrades logo on your vehicles, letterhead, business cards, etc.

We have been members with FairTrades since 2005.

 “We find that our customers appreciate the peace of mind that our association with FairTrades brings.”

 - Russell Bridge, Managing Director, Finesse Windows, Birmingham (FairTrades members since 2005)


You don't just get to use the logo either. You also get a Membership Certificate, letters of introduction and point-of-sale leaflets – all free.

To join FairTrades - or to find out more - just fill in the short form at the top of this letter.

But that's not all …

Who else wants 34% more work?

What do 86% of your prospects – and I bet you do the same – do when thinking about buying anything?

They look at reviews.

Research by Neilsen Research shows 70% of people trust the reviews they read**

And the UK’s largest graduate jobs website – – found using reviews:

Boosts bottom line sales by 34%

When you become a FairTrades member, we create your own page - all about you - on the FairTrades website. When customers review your work - it's automatically added to your page.

Step by step you build greater trust in your prospects. Step by step your business grows.

And golly, does it work!:

"502,852 homeowners have voted FairTrades tradesmen an average 9.74 out of 10. This is a higher average score than any other trade body – FairTrades members are the best in the country."

To join FairTrades - or to find out more - just fill in the short form at the top of this letter.

£2,300 … £5,700 … £12,400 even £19,000 of free Google Clicks

Let's face it, almost everyone uses Google when they search online.

And with more reviews, it's more likely Google will show your company when a homeowner is searching in your area.

Add images to your FairTrades page and get up to 271% more clicks from likely customers.

One of our members gets clicks - online traffic - from homeowners which would cost £19,000 / year using Google Adwords. These clicks don't cost you a penny

they're all included – free – as part of your membership.

As a small business customer feedback is really important and I have an online platform for my Business where customer testimonials can be viewed by the public.

This in turn can bring through quote requests.

From my FairTrades online account I can upload Images of my work to create a Gallery section. The more images you load the better as its easier for Google to find you and you’ll get more traffic.

I look forward to a continued positive business relationship with FairTrades.

- All Window Services, Erith (members since 2014)


To join FairTrades - or to find out more - just fill in the short form at the top of this letter.

The easiest way to get more business

If you're like our existing members, 70% of your new business comes from recommendations. 

When you've done a great job for a customer, they're happy to recommend you to their friends and family. 

- it's the easiest way to get more business. 

But do you always remember to ask for recommendations? 

Chances are you don't, or you don't have the time to. But we do ... 

We ask your happy customers to recommend you. And any leads are yours – absolutely free. 

How about some FREE, decent enquiries? 

Once you have customer reviews on your FairTrades page, you're listed in our nationwide Find a Tradesman directory. 

Many homeowners who use the directory are ready to get a quote. So if they get in touch, you have every chance of turning the enquiry into work. 

What's more these leads are free. (Most of our competitors ask you to pay). 

Make sure you get your share of these 750,000 monthly enquiriesTrustMark_Logo.jpg

TrustMark is the only government endorsed scheme for tradesmen.

Homeowners know TrustMark registered companies are reputable companies. So they look for the ones with the TrustMark logo.

    Every month over 750,000 consumers search for TrustMark companies.

Isn't it time you joined TrustMark so those customers find you? You can't join TrustMark direct, but you can through FairTrades.

Join TrustMark with FairTrades and display the TrustMark logo on your van and stationary. Remember - as I told you earlier: Using trusted, independent logos increases sales by 32%

“We have been members of FairTrades since 1999. And registered on the government backed Trustmark scheme in May 2014.

“Customers have the peace of mind that they are dealing with a reputable company who will look after their clients Interests at all times.

“We will continue to use FairTrades and are happy to recommend them to others.”

- Dave Dineley, Manager, Pro Glaze, Southampton


To join FairTrades - or to find out more - just fill in the short form at the top of this letter.

How to make homeowners 67.45% more likely to accept your quote 

Whether it's replacing windows, a new bathroom, or a whole extension, any home improvement is big investment for a homeowner.

They'll get quotes from a few companies. How do you make sure it's your quote they accept?

You need to put yourself into their shoes. They're going to be thinking:

What if something goes wrong? Can I trust them?

To reassure your customers you offer a warranty. But so does every other reputable business.

I'm sorry to say it, but a warranty simply isn't enough any more.

You need something more. And for this, I need you to think about something I know you won't want to:

What happens to your warranty in the highly unlikely event you cease to trade?

The simple way round this – which gives even more peace of mind to your customers – is to insure your warranty.

An insured warranty – or Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) as they're known – tells a homeowner all these are insured if anything happens to your business:

  • Their deposit.
  • Your warranty.

Our research shows homeowners are 67.45% more likely to choose a quote including an insured warranty than a quote without one.

As a FairTrades member, you can include insured warranties in your quotes – helping turn more of them into work for you.

Perhaps you're wondering how much an insured warranty will cost – I know I would be.

Of course the price depends on how big a job the warranty is for. But to give you an idea, on average an insured warranty for a £4,200 job costs just £20.

"1,188,403 Insurance Backed Guarantees - underwriting £4.313 billion of home improvements have been issued by FairTrades for our members"

To join FairTrades - or to find out more - just fill in the short form at the top of this letter. 

“Many customers these days need added reassurance and peace of mind when making substantial purchases for their property.

“Olsen are pleased to be able to offer this through the FairTrades deposit registration and insurance backed guarantee policy.

“FairTrades offer a very valuable and professional service.

“The online system is quick and easy to use. And once the customer details have been entered, FairTrades take over and deal with the customer directly, making the whole process very efficient.”

- Olsen Doors and Windows, Newark (FairTrades member since 2010)


 To join FairTrades - or to find out more - just fill in the short form at the top of this letter.

Make it even easier for your customers to say YES!

Home improvements aren't cheap. So why not help your customers afford it by offering them finance.

It makes paying easier for them. And – of course – guarantees they have the money to pay you.

When you're a FairTrades member, we can help you become accredited to offer finance to your customers with Shermin Finance.

Become accredited and offer your customers interest free and 3-year payment plans. Providing – of course- they qualify for the finance.

As well as making it easy for your customers, you earn a commission on any customer who is accepted for finance.

Now here's 5 ways we help you to slash your costs …

Save up to £1,246 a year

Your FairTrades membership includes a free FairTrades TradePoint card.

FairTrades members get the very best savings TradePoint offers

- you won't get better TradePoint prices from any other trade body.

TradePoint has over 500 outlets across the country. They're open early till late, 7 days a week.

On average FairTrades members saved £146 over the last 12 months. One member saved a whopping £1,246

And with TradePoint working to reduce the prices of materials FairTrades members buy, what you save can only get bigger. 

"Another great benefit of my membership is the Trade Point Card which saves me money throughout the year on materials. 

"I would happily recommend FairTrades to others." 

- R.W.Inglis, Sandy (FairTrades member since 2005)


To join FairTrades - or to find out more - just fill in the short form at the top of this letter.

Save up to 10p on every litre of fuel you buy 

If they want one, we help every FairTrades Member get a discount fuel card from The Fuel Card People. 

First you find out which is the best card for your business. Then signup online. Done. 

There's no minimum spend. 

Simply fix the fuel price you'll pay each week. And fill up at any one of 7,000 filling stations across the UK. 

Your payment is taken monthly by direct debit - making saving money on fuel really simply. 

And with HMRC approved invoicing, you don't need to worry about piles of messy receipts. 

When it's this easy, why pay pump prices if you can pay less? 

But you save even more … 

As a FairTrades member you also: 

  • Save up to 55% off tool hire from TravisPerkins. 

  • Save on new vans from Best Van Deals. 

  • Save 25% - 40% on your utility and telephone bills. 

"We enjoy the benefits that our membership brings including the Trade Point card. 

"We would not hesitate to recommend FairTrades to other Tradesman." 

- Property Development Supplies, Ebbw Vale (FairTrades member since 2007)


To join FairTrades - or to find out more - just fill in the short form at the top of this letter.

Need help? It's just a phone call away 

When you join FairTrades, you'll be given your own Account Manager 

- you'll have their direct number and – of course - their email address.

Their only job is to help out when you need assistance. Not only with your FairTrades membership, but with anything to do with running your business. 

Whenever you need help or advice, just talk to your Account Manager. 

"We have a Personal Account Manager who gives excellent support and assistance when needed. 

"He and the whole team are committed to giving a high level of customer service at all times. 

"I would recommend that any business looking for support should contact FairTrades to help them on their way." 

- Cockshutt Windows Ltd, Ellesmere (FairTrades member since 1998)


To join FairTrades - or to find out more - just fill in the short form at the top of this letter.

Don't just take my word for it 

I urge you to join FairTrades. But obviously I'm biased. 

Well, you’ve already seen what our members think. But recently we asked them two important questions. Here's how they answered: 

  • 81% would recommend FairTrades to another tradesman - even to a competitor. 

  • 73% tell us they would recommend us to their own friends or family - the best recommendation you could ask for. 

And 98% of our members stay with us year after year. 

Isn't it time you joined them? 

How much does it cost? 

We have been a member of FairTrades since 1994. 

"Offering Insurance Backed Guarantees to our customers is a strong selling point and has often given us the edge over many of our competitors. 

"The benefits received are not only positive customer feedback but TradePoint cards and the extra online promotion that we get via FairTrades’s web page. 

"Being allocated an Account Manager helps when contacting FairTrades as he knows our company, he is our only port of call and he is always able to assist with any query we have. 

"We have no hesitation in recommending FairTrades to anyone who is considering becoming a member.” 

- Osprey Windows Ltd, Chester (members since 1994)


Becoming a FairTrades member isn't expensive. 

To have everything I've mentioned costs less than £5.76 per week. 

And right now you can save £50 on your first year's membership. All you have to do is complete your application within 5 days.

To join FairTrades - or to find out more - just fill in the short form at the top of this letter.

This has been a long letter – it's had to be to explain everything to you. 

So here's a recap of everything you get when you join FairTrades: 

  • Swell your sales by 32%

  • Boost sales by 34%.

  • Up to £19,000 worth of Google clicks - free.

  • Automatic and free customer recommendations.

  • Decent enquiries – free.

  • Access to monthly enquiries.

  • Homeowners 60% more likely to accept your quotes.

  • Easier for your customers to say yes.

  • Save up to £1,246 on supplies.

  • Save up to 10p on every litre of fuel you buy.

  • Save up to 55% off tool hire from TravisPerkins.

  • Save on new vans from Best Van Deals.

  • Save 25% - 40% on your utility and telephone bills.

  • Help and advice from your own, dedicated Account Manager. 

To join FairTrades or to find out more, just fill in the short form at the top of this letter.

Why not do it right now – while this is fresh on your mind? Make it the very next thing you do. 



Sean O'Keeffe

PS You really can fill your order book to bursting and slash your costs while you’re at it. 

To join FairTrades or to find out more, just fill in the short form at the top of this letter right now.

Join FairTrades NOW ...


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